Comic-Con 2008: Lost

Even with 6,500-seat Hall H at their disposal, the lines for the “Heroes” and “Lost” panels began at 2am the night before. Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with star Matthew Fox showed up to promote the fifth season with lame video gags.

More interesting is that they’ve confirmed there will be 17 hours of Lost each in the next two seasons. There’ll also be a bigger distinction between the flashbacks and flashforwards next season.

A Rousseau-themed story will happen next year and Mira Furlan is set to reprise her role despite her apparent death last year, more interesting is that it will NOT be a flashback episode. We’ll get more of the history of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) next season, including an estimate of his age.

Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), last seen on a boat off of the island just before it moved, will be back but his fellow boat riders have less rosy fates. His notebook will also play a key part.

Sawyer and Kate will “see each other again” but they seem bent on Kate and Jack ultimately ending up together. A full transcript is up at The Los Angeles Times.