Comic-Con 2008: Friday the 13th

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, along with actors Amanda Righetti, Jared Padalecki and Derek Mears all showed up to promote the remake of the classic 80’s slasher feature.

After kicking off with the generic teaser poster (a hockey mask on black background, they screened the teaser trailer with a young couple in Jason’s home where they find a shrine of sorts. As the guy goes to reach in, a machete pushes up through the floorboards and his feet and then he’s pulled down into the hole in the floor. That follows a quick cut trailer of action, the Jason in this is a fast moving killer this time.

While there’s no Freddy Krueger in the film and no plans for an FvJ2, the producers say they’d love to work with Wes Craven on the idea. Jason’s childhood will be explored in the movie, a 90-minute runtime is being targeted, and the ending is “finite”. The Jason in this movie is apparently more intelligent and more of a clever hunter in this incarnation.