Comic-Con 2007: Warner Bros. Pictures

The second day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today. The action kicked off with Warner Bros. Pictures showing several titles and had several stars in attendance. Along with trailers for “Trick ‘R Treat” and “The Invasion” (with a pre-recorded intro by Kidman) were:

One Missed Call(January 2008)
Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon turned up to promote the horror remake of Takahashi Miike thriller. An assembly of rough footage showed off lots of melting faces, a statue of Jesus coming alive, lots of phones being slammed, etc.

Sossasmon confirmed that she and Burns haven’t seen the original yet at the director’s request. Burns plays a cop whose sister is the first victim which leads him to team with Sossamon (whose friend is the second victim). Burns confirms that there was talk of a “Confidence” sequel and story beats were worked out, but the box-office failure sunk that chance.