Comic-Con 2007: Paramount Pictures

The first day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today. First studio on the block was Paramount with several titles and big stars in attendance. Let’s break it down by film:

Stardust: (August 10th)
An extended clip from the Neil Gaiman fantasy was aired showing off Michelle Pfieffer trying to obtain the heart of a fallen star (Claire Danes) by magically creating an inn and getting her to relax before cutting it out with a crystal dagger – of course, action ensues.

Some changes were made from the book apparently, notably the establishing of the hero character earlier on in the action. Gaiman says “about 80%” has been conveyed, and the changes are more for the film format than anything else. DeNiro’s part was slightly expanded both before and after his casting in the role.

Beowulf(November 16th 2007)
Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary appeared to show off the trailer and do a Q&A. The pair penned the script over several weeks of cheap beer in Mexico in May 1997. They came close to getting it made at least twice before Zemeckis became involved – production began late 2005 with shooting taking place in November 2005. The casting of Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Angelina Jolie and Crispin Glover happened very simply – all the first offers that went out were said yes too right away.

Drillbit Taylor(2008)
Judd Apatow introduced the world premiere for the trailer to the Owen Wilson comedy about a bum hired as a bodyguard for three school nerds. Apatow cracked jokes about pandering to a Comic Con audience – citing elves and robots being in the film, the budget being $280 million and Michael Bay doing second unit.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street(December 21st 2007)
A Con only poster of Johnny Depp as Todd was revealed. In black and white, Depp in costume sits in a large arm chair in a rundown house looking sinister. The one bit of color on the poster is the armchair which is a bright blood red.

The Spiderwick Chronicles(February 15th 2008)
The filmmakers showed up and explained that the aim is to do for faeiries and goblins what “Jurassic Park” did for dinosaurs. They displayed various artwork of the creatures on the fantasy flick, the FX transitions, and models for the actors to work with.