Comic-Con 2007: New Line Cinema

The second day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today and New Line Cinema showed up to promote a few of their films, predominantly the actioneer “Shoot ‘Em Up” which was screened last night to good reaction. Here’s the breakdown:

The Golden Compass

(December 7th 2007)

Director Chris Weitz did a video introduction which lead into an extended five minute trailer showing off scenes with talking CG animals shape shifting and attacking each other, Nicole Kidman trying to get an alethiometer from the young female heroine, and the fight with the witches. It actually does quite a good job of setting up the premise and fantasy world in which the characters inhabit. New Line have done the smart move of putting the clip online so you can see it for yourself in high definition at Yahoo Movies.

Be Kind, Rewind(December 21st 2007)

The presentation included the premiere of the trailer for the new Michel Gondry-directed Jack Black comedy. Setting up the premise, the highlights are easily Black and Mos Def ‘reshooting’ video classics ranging from “Boyz In The Hood” to “Ghostbusters” and “RoboCop”. That trailer is expected online quite soon.

Shoot ‘Em Up

(September 7th 2007)

Writer/Director Michael Davis and actor Clive Owen turned up to promote the hardcore action flick which includes gunfights in some ridiculous situations. One of them was shown in the clip which revealed the first five minutes of the film, albeit mildly toned down to approve the Comic Con censors. In the segment a huge gunfight ensues between Owen and a killer, during which Owen helps deliver a baby – his gun coming in handy to cut the cord. Other clips involve a gunfight in Owen’s apartment which includes a rather adrenalin-fueled getaway, and a car chase. Davis talked about his James Bond fanaticism, how he came up with the idea for the film, and also some storyboard comparisons with final footage. The drop dead handsome Owen gave some anecdotes and briefly talked about earlier Bond casting rumors pre-Daniel Craig (sadly nothing new learned).