Comic-Con 2007: Lionsgate

The first day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today. Second studio on the block was Lionsgate with several titles and stars in attendance. Peter Fonda and Ben Foster showed up for “3:10 to Yuma” but sadly too little was revealed short of some solid clips. As for the others:

Good Luck Chuck(September 21st 2007)
Dane Cook and Jessica Alba showed up together and he said he loved to do this film because it allowed him to cut loose at last on screen and engage in quite a bit of physical comedy.

Alba admits that physical comedy was difficult, including a kissing scene with Cook which caused Alba to chip her front tooth (coincidentally her character also chips her tooth). The film contains a montage of thirty women he beds in the feature, and the studio screened a scene with Cook and Alba on the phone in separate bathtubs. He’s trying to avoid seeing her (and getting dumped), and after failing to get into her attempts at phone sex, he falls into the tub when she sends a lewd photo of herself.

They also showed a montage of physical comedy scenes including Cook getting dental knives in the back, Alba hitting a lamp post, and a penguin knocking Alba off her feet and hitting her head on ice.