Comic-Con 2007: Disney Pictures

The third and busiest day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego yesterday and Disney Pictures kicked off the major studio action in the over crowded, 6,500 seat Hall H. On display was a look at their two big blockbusters scheduled for next Summer – the first ‘Narnia’ sequel and the next Pixar effort. A longer trailer for the “National Treasure” sequel was also glimpsed:

Wall-E(June 27th 2008)
Writer/Director Andrew Stanton and sound designer Ben Burtt popped up to talk about the film which follows the lonely trash-collecting robot goes into space and falls in love with a iPod-like probe droid name Eve, and does so with a lead character who can only communicate through a series of noises.

Burtt showed off some early animation of other robots in the film (with names like M-O and Auto) mainly to give us an idea of the ‘sonic texture’ landscape he created for the film. A completed scene was shown of Wall-E almost getting crushed by a starship was pretty spectacular, more surprising is word that some live action elements have been incorporated into the CG somehow – which will include human characters. Finally, Thomas Newman is doing the score.