Comic-Con 2007: Dimension Films

As the second day of Comic Con came to a close, one of the afternoon panels dealt with Dimension Films and two highly anticipated horror flicks opening next month and later this Fall. Here’s a look at what went down in Ballroom 20 of the convention:

The Mist(November 21st 2007)
Director Frank Darabont, artist David Drayton and actors Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden and Laurie Holden all showed up for the panel about adapting the Stephen King novella. Two clips were shown relating to two of the film’s biggest sequences. In the first a supermarket clerk opens a garage door at the back of the store to look at the surrounding mist – only to get pulled out by tentacles. After a failed struggle to be saved by other people in the store, he’s pulled away as other tentacles start moving in towards them. The other scene is the setup for the famous next door pharmacy excursion scene with Harden doing the full nutty religious rantings of Mrs. Carmody to great effect. Darabont says that the film has a “hard R rating” with lots of blood and brutality to the deaths, and hasn’t elaborated on elements of the novel (The Arrowhead Project element remains a mystery). Many of the filming people behind “The Shield” also shot this, meaning a very fly on the wall perspective. Jane refused to comment about not being involved in “The Punisher” sequel

Halloween(August 31st 2007)
Director Rob Zombie showed up to plug his remake of the John Carpenter classic, and brought along a rather tense clip with him. In the footage we see the new Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) trying to escape Michael Myers who’s following her through her house. She hides away, but he figures out where she is and starts smashing through the drywall to get her. Zombie confirmed that the film is still very much being worked on, and it’s much more about “journey of what his [Michael’s] life is about” than the original. More interesting is that he revealed that “this really has no connection to those other movies” and he has absolutely no plans or interest in doing a sequel to this.