Comedy Is Harder With Lawsuits

Today’s lawsuit-embracing culture once again delivers a nasty blow to the increasingly shrinking realm of smart American feature film comedy.

A few weeks after it was announced that various supporting actors in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy planned to sue New Line, two more lawsuits have popped up this week.

First up Canadian author Rebecca Eckler has sued NBC Universal and director Judd Apatow, claiming they ripped off the premise of the hit movie “Knocked Up” from her 2004 book of the same name.

What’s interesting is that the comparisons go beyond just the title and premise, Apatow’s script apparently had the same picture as her book cover on its script covers too.

Apatow however has denied the charge, telling TMZ that “Anyone who reads the book and sees the movie will instantly know that they are two very different stories about a common experience.”

Meanwhile the “Borat” movie has drawn yet another lawsuit for Fox from one of its unwitting participants. This time it’s the guy fleeing from Borat and screaming ‘go away’ in the New York City street scene montage.

This marks the fourth lawsuit for the highly successful feature, only one of which has come to judgement so far and was summarily dismissed.