Columbus Talks “Gremlins 3D” & “Goonies II”

At the premiere of “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, director Chris Columbus told that neither he nor Steven Spielberg seems to have heard anything about a third “Gremlins” film.

“A few days ago, I saw Steve Spielberg, and I asked him the question you just asked me, because I was reading something on the Internet and he said, “Nobody’s talked to me about it either.” So maybe it’s going on behind our backs” said Columbus who served as writer on the previous two films (Spielberg was executive producer on them).

He does however have an interest in any potential sequel to “The Goonies”, but they haven’t cracked the story yet – “I’d love to see another Goonies movie out there, people ask me about it all the time. The kids would have to be the parents, and their kids would be the Goonies. We just need something, as Steven said the other day, he said, “How do you beat finding an entire pirate ship filled with treasure underground? What can be as exciting?” So we have to come up with something that can be equally as exciting.”

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