“Colossus” Team Plan Another PS4 Remake

Bluepoint Games, the team behind the “Shadow of the Colossus” remake for PS4, are set to do another remake as their next project with Bluepoint president Marco Thrush indicating it will be bigger.

While he wouldn’t reveal what it was, he says: “So now our next step is, let’s improve the art pipeline, let’s improve the engine, let’s improve workflow for artists, let’s grow on the art side some more to handle our next project because it’s a bit bigger… We’re really excited about our next project and we think you will be too when you find out what it is.”

Bluepoint was behind the PS4 remasters of the “Uncharted” trilogy and “Gravity Rush,” and previously did the PS3 remasters for the “God of War” and “Metal Gear Solid” series. Along with PS4 versions of their PS3 remasters, other titles that could make the jump include “Demon’s Souls,” the first two “Infamous” games, and the “Resistance” and “Killzone” trilogies.

Source: Eurogamer