Colossus, “Man of Steel” Get Re-Writes

Blake Masters will rewrite Jason Rothenberg’s script for the upcoming remake of 1970’s sci-fi feature “Colossus: The Forbin Project” at Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment reports Variety.

The original was a Cold War tale about a genius who creates a supercomputer put in charge of independently regulating the national defense of the United States. It’s soon discovered the Russians have created a similar computer, and both machines have begun sharing top secret information.

The Russians and Americans then must work together before both computers seize control of each country’s stockpile of missiles. It’s uncertain if the remake will keep the setting or be updated for contemporary times.

Meanwhile “300” scribe Kurt Johnstad is set to perform some last minute re-writes to the script for Zac Snyder’s “Man of Steel” which goes into production next month reports Moviehole.

Johnstad comes onboard after both original scribe David S. Goyer and writer Jonah Nolan have worked on it.