“Colossal” Trailer Teases Kaiju vs. Robot Battle

Neon has kept the marketing for its currently in release indie comedy “Colossal” simple for the most part – sticking to the main premise of an unemployed alcoholic American woman (Anne Hathaway) going through a break-up who finds herself psychically linked to a giant monster wreaking havoc in Seoul.

For those going in, it left many surprises for them to discover. The problem is that with three weekends now under its belt, audiences haven’t been flocking to the film with just $1.3 million in box-office revenue so far.

As a result, the distributor is now opening up the toybox a little more and revealed a new trailer which shows the monster fighting a giant kaiju in a scene that makes fun of “Pacific Rim” and various anime series (ala “Evangelion”). And that’s just one of the surprises the film offers.

Nacho Vigalondo, who helmed the film, made a name for himself with the trippy “Timecrimes” and revealed on Twitter yesterday he’s working a “spiritual sequel” to that film. “Colossal” meanwhile is still playing in cinemas.