Colin Trevorrow Helms “Jurassic Park IV”

So much for the Spielberg theories.

In a surprising move, indie filmmaker Colin Trevorrow has officially been announced as director for the fourth “Jurassic Park” at Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

For such a large scale project and franchise, the selection of Trevorrow is a gamble – but a reasonably safe one as the filmmaker is both a lover of the franchise, and scored much acclaim for his time travel-themed mumble core film “Safety Not Guaranteed”.

A few months ago, Trevorrow’s name kept being linked as a possible helmer of “Star Wars: Episode VII” as there was talk he was coming onboard a major franchise. Turns out it was this one.

Steven Spielberg will return as executive producer, while Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley are set to produce.

Source: Yahoo