Colin Farrell Leaking Precious Fluid

You know, some disgruntled fans have wanted to see Colin Farrell get shot. Others would like to see him shooting (I’ll let you decide whether a gun is involved or not). For the former your wish has just come true.

Real Movie News has posted photos of Farrell on the set of “In Bruges”, a comic tale of a pair of hit men (Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) who hole up in Bruges, Belgium after a difficult job in London. As they become entangled with locals, tourists and a film shoot, their views on life and death get skewed.

The photos show Farrell, along with the Mile High Club’s new COO Ralph Fiennes, on-set filming a key sequence. For some reason there’s also a guy in a steers head skull, black cape, peasant rags AND a knight’s armour who’s carrying a harp. I’m no fashionista, but that’s just plain odd. Click below to access the stills:

Focus Features will release the pic worldwide sometime next year.