Coleman Returns For Capaldi’s “Who” Finale?

Actress Jenna Coleman is reportedly in talks to return as former companion Clara Oswald for a cameo in the upcoming “Doctor Who” Christmas special.

The Mirror reports that the return will play out similarly to the Karen Gillan and Billie Piper cameos in the final moments before The Doctor regenerates into his new form.

The special itself sees the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) trying to stave off his oncoming regeneration while encountering the First Doctor (David Bradley). Ultimately of course he will change with the new actor’s identity still under wraps for now.

The special will mark the final outing not just for Capaldi but for executive producer Steven Moffat who is handing over showrunner duties to Chris Chibnall (“Broadchurch”) who will start afresh with a ‘soft reboot’ – new Doctor, new companion, new tone and more.