Cohen Won’t Return To Freddie Mercury Biopic

After exiting the project more than two years ago due to creative differences, Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly was back onboard the untitled Freddie Mercury biopic this week.

According to the band’s manager Jim Beach viaThe Daily Mail, Cohen will now star in, write, produce and direct the film as well.

That was surprising news considering that when Cohen left the project, it was reported that the existing members of the band Queen did not like the direction Cohen was going with the material. Cohen reportedly wanted a gritty hard-R take on the gay singer’s life, whereas the band members wanted a more PG, family friendly version.

So have Cohen and the band come to a new agreement? If so what tone will the project be heading for now?

Turns out the report has been dismissed as false. Queen guitarist Brian May has posted on his website that Beach was only joking, and that what he actually said was Cohen was returning to play all four members of the band.

This would suggest actor Ben Whishaw and director Dexter Fletcher, who became attached to the project after Cohen’s departure, are still onboard.