Cohen To Pay “Borat” Mankini Men’s Fines

Last week, a group of six Czech tourists got into trouble in real-life Kazakhstan after they donned mankinis inspired by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” film.

The group were fined the local equivalent of about USD$67 each for indecency and ‘minor hooliganism’ after wearing the suits in the capital city of Astana.

Now, Cohen has taken to Facebook to offer to pay the fines for the six Czech tourists and even has an email address set up for the tourists to get into contact with a representative for him and Borat. It’s not known if any of the tourists have taken the actor up on his offer at yet.

Kazakhstan authorities banned “Borat” and threatened to sue Sacha Baron Cohen after its release in 2006. The country even publicly denounced Cohen and Borat, but years later Kazakhstan’s foreign minister has said he is “grateful” to Borat for “helping attract tourists” to the country.