Coen’s Reading Goes Wide On 9/12

Focus features set a September 12th release date for the Coen Bros. dark comedy about the spy business entitled “Burn After Reading”.

George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton star in the project – the first project the Coens have done since this year’s Oscar-winning thriller “No Country for Old Men”.

The story revolves around an ousted CIA official whose memoir inadvertently falls into the hands of two bumbling Washington, D.C., gym employees.

The film will get a wide release, something unusual for the Coens as all their previous films have generally followed a traditional platform release pattern. Three notable exceptions were the highly panned “The Ladykillers” and “Intolerable Cruelty,” along with one of their most famous efforts – “The Big Lebowski”.

The film faces competition from Jon Avnet’s Robert De Niro-Al Pacino cop thriller “Righteous Kill”, and the latest Tyler Perry comedy “The Family That Preys Together.”