Coens’ “Hail Caesar” Could Be Next

Columnist Anne Thompson recently sat down with Joel and Ethan Coen to talk about “Inside Llewyn Davis” when the topic of another project came up.

Years ago came word of “Hail Caesar” which was seen as a George Clooney venice – the third of their proposed loose ‘idiot trilogy’ following “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and “Intolerable Cruelty”.

Turns out, that script may finally be turned into a film after all. Joel Coen says “We’ve been working on that one… There’s a good chance that would be next.”

Ethan added: “it’s about the movie business and life and religion and faith. Faith and the movie business. it’s still George.”

The previous synopsis from almost a decade ago claimed it followed a 1920s theatrical troupe doing a play about ancient Rome.