Coens Get Serious In April

Shooting will begin April next year in Minneapolis on the Coen Brothers’ “A Serious Man” for Focus Features.

According to FilmJerk, the story will focus on Larry Gopnik, a Jewish college professor in the Midwest during the 1960s. Larry starts to question the value of life when he discovers his wife wants a divorce (she is also probably getting it on with one of the neighbors).

He also has trouble with his children stealing money out of his wallet (his son is buying weed, while his daughter is saving for plastic surgery) and his deadbeat brother, who has moved in because he neither has the cash nor the maturity to live on his own.

Add to that the hostile anonymous notes he keeps receiving which threaten his tenure at school, the grad student who will get a passing grade from Larry by any means necessary (who may or may not be the person leaving the threatening letters) and the hot neighbor who bedevils Larry with her nude sunbathing, and there is little wonder why Larry seeks to solve his existential issues from men of God whom he hopes will help him to become an austere and devoted man.

The Coens are currently filming “Burn After Reading” with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, whilst their acclaimed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men” hits theatres this November. ‘Serious’ will release early 2009.