Cody Walker Won’t Appear In “Fast 8”

Universal Pictures has nixed rumors that Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker, will appear in the upcoming “Fast 8”. A rep for the studio tells Polygon that “there’s no truth behind it” in regards to a rumor that popped up this week.

Following the tragic death of Paul Walker in a car crash during the production of “Furious 7,” his brother Cody was asked to stand in for several scenes. At the time there was even talk Cody may end up taking over the role for future sequels, but it was morbid speculation more than anything.

NBC Universal vice chairman Ron Meyer suggested a few months ago that Paul would be “represented in some form or another” in future films. Then recently Cody’s name was added to the IMDB credits for the film which prompted this correction from the studio. That IMDB listing is no longer there.

F. Gary Gray helms the next film in the series which is scheduled to hit cinemas on April 14th 2017.

Source: Breathe Cast