“Clue” Director Plans A Stage Adaptation

There has yet to be truly great video game adaptation, and the same rule could be applied to the few films based on board games with one notable exception – 1985’s “Clue”.

These days for a whole generation it’s as much a comedy classic as “Ghostbusters” or “Young Frankenstein” with a massive cult following thanks to the razor sharp script by John Landis and Jonathan Lynn along with its stellar cast including Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Lesley Ann Warren, Eileen Brennan and Martin Mull.

Lynn, who also directed the film is now involved in a new stage play adaptation of the property which will debut next year at the Bucks County Playhouse in Pennsylvania ahead of a national tour. The property will NOT be a musical, and Lynn is writing the script. No stars have been announced at this point but Hunter Foster will direct and Robyn Goodman serves as executive producer.

At this time there are no plans for the Clue stage adaptation to hit Broadway, but the North American tour is expected to be followed up by a U.K. tour and the plan is for the film to hit the theatrical licensing market for regional and amateur troupes.

The play announcement comes in the wake of plans by 20th Century Fox to do a remake of the film, that is still very much in development though and is some time off should it go forward.

Source: Variety