“Cloverfield 4” Isn’t “Overlord” But It Is Coming

Appearing via video feed at Paramount Pictures’ CinemaCon presentation, filmmaker J.J. Abrams introduced a work-in-progress clip from the upcoming WW2 sci-fi film “Overlord” which he produced and opens October 26th this year.

Australian filmmaker Julius Avery directed the film which will be Bad Robot’s first R-rated movie and one that many have speculated to be a fourth “Cloverfield” film following the debut of the third – “The Cloverfield Paradox” – on Netflix immediately after this year’s Superbowl broadcast.

However, Abrams shot down that talk saying clearly that it is NOT a “Cloverfield” movie. However, he does promise another one is in the works and that one will be released in cinemas. No further details were provided.

Source” Deadline