Cloverfield 2, “Avatar” WonderCon News

During the “Star Trek” panel at WonderCon over the weekend, director J.J. Abrams was asked about the progress of a “Cloverfield” sequel. Coming Soon took down a copy of his answer:

“We’re actually working on an idea right now…. We have an idea that we thought was pretty cool that we’re playing with, which means there will be something that’s connected to ‘Cloverfield,’ but I hope it happens sooner than later because the idea is pretty sweet.”

Abrams turned up on stage in a t-shirt related to James Cameron’s upcoming top-secret “Avatar” project which Market Saw later worked out to be “an exploded parts schematic of the Power Suits worn by the characters in the film”.

Pics of Abrams in the shirt at the panel are up at AICN along with a description of the new “Star Trek” trailer which premiered at the con and should go online in about a week.