Clooney Wrote The Worst Scene In “Gravity”?

Though it scored incredible rave reviews across the board, Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi epic “Gravity” has one particular scene that some of its most ardent supporters have had issue with in their reviews.


The scene in question? The sequence two-thirds into the film where Sandra Bullock shuts down the oxygen and seemingly gives up – only for George Clooney’s veteran astronaut to come in through the airlock and give her a homespun monologue. He vanishes, leaving the viewer to speculate – was it an oxygen-deprived hallucination, a dream, or a ‘vision’.

Speaking about the scene with Vulture, Cuaron says he kept hitting a dead end with that scene and couldn’t make it work. The person who ended up re-writing it and saving the day? Clooney himself.

“We were struggling with rewrites, we’d stripped everything, a lot of the dialogue; we knew that anything that was going to be said, it was going to have a lot of weight, There was one scene we were doing over and over and over, and George overheard that we were dealing with that.

And then one night I receive an e-mail from him, saying, ‘I heard you were struggling with this. I took a shot with the scene, Read it. Throw it out.’ And we ended up using it. This was exactly what we needed.”

The scene itself was always there, and Clooney likely made it work better. Even so, many are still debating whether the scene was even needed and/or ultimately took away something from the overall film. What did you think?