Clooney, Crowe, Welling & More Cast Gossip

Various men have been spotted lurking around high schools in the Little Canada area. Predators? No, rather film scouts for a new movie who’ve been searching for a good location. So what’s the film? ‘B’ has heard that its a “Teen Wolf” remake with a female in the lead this time around and Tom Welling also cast in a role.

WENN reports that George Clooney has been offered the lead role in the Liberace biopic that’s been in development for some time recently, and has a quote from the actor saying “I like the idea but I think the role would be more suited to the likes of a comedian like Robin Williams. If it works out, fine, but am I really camp enough?”

The Daily Express reports that Russell Crowe is up for the title role in Neil Marshall’s reinvention of “Sherlock Holmes”. Yeah, ok.

JoBlo reports that Tricia Helfer (Number Six in “Battlestar Galactica”) is in the running to play “Supergirl”. Warner Bros. Pictures has apparently commissioned a script and supposedly have started contacting managers and agents about possible actresses to play the part.