Clooney Comments On “Monuments Men” Delay

Following on from the news that George Clooney’s “Monuments Men” film is being delayed until early 2014, the actor and filmmaker gave a lengthy response to Deadline about the questions raised by the departure.

He shoots down some speculation that has arisen over the past day about the “uncertain tone” of the film proving an issue, calling those claims “absolutely ridiculous”. The film had a really good test screening last week in Arizona where it “scored in the mid 80s”. He goes on to say:

“Last night we had a nice meeting and said, let’s be honest. we’re not going to get our effects done in time. As hard as we’re working, the truth of the matter is, we only started principal photography on this in March. So the idea we’d have all the effects ready was a stretch anyway. And we didn’t make it. it’s that simple.”

Over the last few days he and the studio have been debating the move off the December 18th date:

“We said, let’s just find a spot where the movie can find an actual audience instead of fighting with 22 other films in December… where’s another good place to land? And we looked at February and the Shutter Island slot.”

Another issue is publicity. Clooney is shooting Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland” until mid-January, so he wouldn’t have done much with ‘Monuments’ had it opened in December. Now though, he’ll be hitting the talk show circuit in February.