Clive Owen Joins Fred Schepsi’s “Andorra”

Clive Owen has joined the cast of “Roxanne” director Fred Schepisi’s film adaptation of Peter Cameron’s 1997 romantic thriller novel “Andorra” at Jump Street Films and Unicorn Films.

Owen will star as Alexander Fox, an American bookseller starting life over in the tiny eponymous country. He quickly becomes entangled with the ever-present locals as the mystery of his origin deepens.

An Australian couple takes an unsettling interest, and the country’s matriarch seems to recall him from long ago. A woman’s body is found almost immediately upon his arrival, and a local cop becomes strangely convinced that Fox is responsible.

Jamie Bialkower and Lizzette Atkins are producing while James Ivory will executive produce. Filming begins Spring 2017 in Europe.

Source: Deadline