Cliffhanger Remake In The Works

It’s official, with the 80’s already well plundered it seems the remake boat is moving into the 90’s.

StudioCanal and Original Films are planning a remake of the Sylvester Stallone-led 1993 mountain climbing action thriller “Cliffhanger” reports Variety.

In the Renny Harlin-directed original, Stallone played a climbing expert who is forced to help a group of hijackers recover three suitcases containing $100 million lost in the Rocky Mountains.

The film went on to become a major hit, raking in $255 million worldwide and scored generally positive reviews for its impressive action including a mid-air hijack sequence and the famous opening suspense set piece involving a woman whose equipment fails during a perilous climb across a deep chasm.

The new version will center on a group of young climbers and will “feature multiple cliff-face locations”. A screenwriter is being sought with production aiming to kick off next year.

Neal Moritz, who is also producing the upcoming “Escape from New York” remake for Warners, will produce.