Clement Talks “What We Do In Shadows” Series

2014 saw New Zealand comedian and actor Jemaine Clement collaborating with Taika Waititi on the vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows”. While that film is expected to get a werewolf themed sequel, “We’re Wolves,” there’s also plans for an expansion into a TV series titled “Wellington Paranormal” which seems to be further along.

In an interview with Stuff, Clement confirmed the series’ first season will consist of six thirty-minute episodes which will follow detectives Mike Minogue and Karen O’Leary (who appeared in ‘Shadows’) as they patrol the streets of Wellington, New Zealand in search of nefarious supernatural activity.

The series is said to have a documentary-style project and will have a heavy “The X-Files” inspiration. Several characters from ‘Shadows’ will also pop up during the series and Clement joked about the filming conditions:

“We had an incident with some zombies which got pretty tense there. So luckily they’re taken care of. A couple of crew members were turned into zombies – I think. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Also, some very worrying things have happened in Lower Hutt as well. There was a party in Khandallah that got a bit out of hand, too, with some undead member of the Wellington public.”

“Wellington Supernatural” is slated to begin airing on TVNZ 2 some time next year.