Cleese, Catwoman DCEU Film Rumors

Two more rather tenuous rumors about the DC Extended Universe have popped up over the weekend – both assumptions made by scoopers based on fairly thin evidence.

The first is that legendary Monty Python star John Cleese may join one of the DCEU films coming up. CBM made the connection due to both DC Films photographer Clay Enos and the UK Twitter account of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” suddenly started following Cleese.

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke casting and Rick Famuyiwa’s being hired to helm “The Flash” were all first reported from very similar Twitter followings so it’s not without a precedent. Even so, it’s speculative in the extreme.

A little bit more concrete is from actress Sienna Miller. Film journalist Erik Davis tweeted that Miller told him tonight that she wants to play Catwoman in Affleck’s Batman solo film but was told the character is not in the script.

Previous reports for the film suggested the movie will see numerous characters from Batman’s Rogues Gallery popping up in the narrative. The lack of a Catwoman in that group is surprising.