Clearing Up “Logan” Timeline Confusion

Filmmaker James Mangold said last week that “Logan,” the upcoming final “Wolverine” spin-off film, is set in the year 2029 – around five years after most ‘far forward’ point we’d seen in the “X-Men” franchise so far in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

On the weekend, the film’s star Hugh Jackman spoke to Digital Spy and dropped comments which has caused all sorts of confusion – effectively suggesting that the new film is part of a different cinematic universe than the previous “X-Men” films:

“Jim [Mangold] and I had this blank canvas and we wanted to make something really different. Definitely tonally different, I kept thinking The Wrestler, Unforgiven. He was thinking Unforgiven as well and The Gauntlet and these other movies which just seemed to really match his character.

Early on we had the idea for the title not having anything to do with Wolverine in it, but making this more about the man. And what the collateral damage of being Wolverine your entire life would be.

It’s a standalone movie in many ways. It’s not really beholden to timelines and storylines in the other movies. Obviously, Patrick Stewart is in there so we have some crossover, but it feels very different and very fresh.

When you see the full movie you’ll understand. Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone, it’s a slightly different universe. It’s actually a different paradigm and that will become clear.”

This has caused some understandable confusion from fans online, so much so Mangold has taken to Twitter to clear things up:

“Don’t think @RealHughJackman said that exactly. Simple fact. We take place in 2029, 5 yrs past anything depicted in XMEN film… and “slightly different” causes an uproar? Everyone should breathe and focus on important things.”

So, despite the tonal change, “Logan” does take place in the same film universe after all.