Clarice Starling Could Come To “Hannibal”

With NBC’s “Hannibal” having returned for a third season with a new flavour that’s even more unlike anything else on television, the hope is of course that the series will continue for another year.

As we know, the third season is split into two halves – the Italy-set first half, and the second which deals with the “Red Dragon” storyline from the Thomas Harris novels. This begs the obvious question, does that mean “The Silence of the Lambs” storyline will come into play in the fourth season?

Previously show runner Bryan Fuller has been reticent on introducing the Clarice Starling character, partly because of a rights issue which has meant they’ve been unable to use elements from the ‘Silence’ novel in the show. The other books (“Red Dragon,” “Hannibal,” “Hannibal Rising”) are all on the table though, and we’ve already seen their elements incorporated.

Will Fuller be able to work out the ‘Silence’ rights issue? We hope so, in the meantime Fuller has talked to IGN about his plans for the show’s future:

The way the seasons are breaking out now, the fourth season idea is a pretty radical departure from what we’ve been doing in the first three seasons altogether. It doesn’t involve Clarice at that stage. There may be a version where you do this radical departure for the first half and then do Silence of the Lambs for the second half, but that is all contingent on the rights for Clarice. The further and further away we get from procedurals, it’s hard to imagine returning to the FBI to tell more stories unless we do have Clarice to really freshen up that world.

Both Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore have previously played the character.