Civil War Tony & Steve’s Teams Revealed?

We know that the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” will see the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking sides in an argument and ultimately fighting over their beliefs. One side will be led by Captain America, the other by Iron Man.

A new report over at Heroic Hollywood has revealed the make-up of the respective teams and you might be surprised who is fighting for whom.


Iron Man will have Black Widow, The Vision, Spider-Man, and War Machine on his side. Captain America will have Hawkeye, The Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and The Winter Soldier.

The report has no mention of the Hulk, even as rumors persist of his involvement and actor Mark Ruffalo was spotted with fellow cast mates in both Atlanta and Berlin when the production was filming in those areas.

Who’s going to win? Place your bets.