Civil War, “Suicide” Set Pics Tease Plot

Two set photos today have teased some minor plot points regarding two of next year’s biggest comic to film adaptations.

First up, a new shot from the “Captain America: Civil War” set in Atlanta has shown that filming has been taking place at a building that has been redressed to serve as the ‘Institute for Infectious Diseases’ which sounds like a Marvel universe equivalent of the CDC. Actor Anthony Mackie was on hand for the filming, but not much else is known regarding the shoot.

Meanwhile, “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer has posted a photo from the set of his film on Twitter teasing an unidentified man holding up a massive gun. This has led to much speculation regarding whom the unidentified character is, be it simply Ayer himself holding up a prop or something far more elaborate like Deathstroke which Jim Parrack is rumored to be playing.