Civil War Issues Caused Marvel Split?

Though one report today suggested it was due to disappointment over the box-office results of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Heat Vision has posted a report that says friction over the budget of “Captain America: Civil War” is what led to the split between Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac ‘Ike’ Perlmutter.

Feige and his successful Marvel Studios film division now report to Disney Studios chief Alan Horn instead of infamously penny pinching New York-based executive Perlmutter who retains oversight over the other areas of Marvel.

Feige’s years of frustration, and the film division’s gravitation toward Disney, reportedly came to a head over this issue. As the film grew more ambitious and essentially became “Avengers 2.5,” the film’s budget grew accordingly which did not sit well with Perlmutter or Marvel’s Creative Committee group of executives who wanted to scale things down.

Feige threatened to leave Marvel, and as a result Disney CEO Bob Iger intervened with a new plan that sees Feige reporting to him instead. With Feige breaking free of the New York side of the company, the committee will not be disbanded but its influence over the Marvel Studios films will be “nominal at best”.

The re-organization does not impact Marvel’s television unit which has “Agents of SHIELD,” “Agent Carter” and “Daredevil” currently on the air.