Cinemax Cancels “Quarry” After A Season

Michael D. Fuller, co-creator of Cinemax’s gritty Vietnam-era neo-noir crime series “Quarry,” has confirmed the show has been cancelled with no second season expected on the channel or anywhere else.

Fuller made the announcement in a blog post and adds that several factors contributed to the show’s demise, most notably Cinemax’s rebranding late last year to revert back to the style of cost-effective, internationally co-produced, high-octane action programming (ala. “Strike Back”) which made it famous.

Attempts to find another home for the show were made but proved fruitless. Graham Gordy co-created the series based on Max Allan Collins’ book series.

Eight episodes were produced in the first season and scripts for a six-episode second season were already done before word came down Cinemax wasn’t continuing with the show. Fuller goes on to provide a glimpse of what their plans for the second season would have been:

“[It would be] set in 1973 and [we would] see Mac fully immersed in The Broker’s network, the arrival of Mac and Arthur’s war buddy Hall Prewitt and the trouble coming w/ him, Buddy asserting his individuality, all with the specter of Watergate looming.”

The first and now only season of “Quarry” is now available on multiple streaming platforms.

Source: TV Line