Cinemas Barred From Fox Retro Screenings?

Cinemas Barred From Fox Retro Screenings

There’s been suggestion of this for a few months, but now Vulture has done a piece on one of the most unfortunate side effects of the Disney-Fox merger.

Repertory theaters and regional chains all across the U.S. are reportedly finding out that Disney’s famous idea of ‘vaulting’ films (taking them out of circulation in order to drive up interest) is going to extend, in part, to Fox’s vast library of films.

Without warning or announcement, Disney has reportedly begun eliminating older Fox titles such as “Alien,” “Fight Club,” “The Princess Bride,” “Moulin Rouge” and “Die Hard” from being screened around the country. There is reportedly only one notable exception – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

No real reasons are given but the new rule suggests only non-profit theaters (eg. Film Forum in New York City) will be given access to the library of Fox titles to be shown on the big screen. Disney hasn’t officially commented on the policy or how it will enforce it.