CinemaCon: “One Shot” Footage Shown

Paramount revealed the first footage from their upcoming adaptation of Lee Child’s “One Shot” in Vegas yesterday at the annual CinemaCon. More surprising though is that “One Shot” was never mentioned or seen as a title with some suggesting it’ll likely be called a variation on the lead character (ie. “Reacher” or “Jack Reacher”).

Christopher McQuarrie’s film take on the ninth Jack Reacher book, shot in Pittsburgh last year, hopes to launch a potential franchise for the studio. However many have been wondering if its 5’7″ star Tom Cruise can pull off a character famous for being 6’5″ tall. Three scenes were screened though, including a bar brawl and a high-speed car chase, and the reaction online so far has been quite strong.

Sacha Baron Cohen also turned up in character from his upcoming comedy “The Dictator” and took shots at Jeffrey Katzenberg and “John Carter”.