CinemaCon: “Dark Knight Rises” Footage

The annual CinemaCon (formerly ShoWest) is taking place in Las Vegas this week showcasing the upcoming film slates of the major studios along with new theatrical exhibition technologies.

Christopher Nolan was on hand to showcase a reel of disconnected scenes from “The Dark Knight Rises”. The big news from reports on the footage is that concerns over Tom Hardy’s voice are pretty much over – either the new sound mix or additional ADR has resulted in the Bane dialogue now sounding much clearer.


Along with wide shots of mass riots, bridges exploding, and the Tumbler in action, much of the preview showcases an ill and/or injured Bruce Wayne recovering. There’s also Bruce making out with Marion Cotillard’s character, Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle working in disguise as a maid at Wayne Manor, and some interaction between Batman and Catwoman.

While the ‘Hobbit’ reactions were divided, the reaction to the ‘Knight’ footage seemed to be unanimously positive. The new trailer though was NOT screened, that trailer is making its debut on U.S. cinema screens next Friday with “The Avengers”.

Also, three new promo images from the film have hit and can be seen at FlickDaily.