Cinema Posts “Interstellar” Complaints Advisory

There’s been quite a few complaints about the presentation of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic “Interstellar,” specifically the film’s sound mix which puts so much emphasis on the music that it drowns out the dialogue at points.

Some of that has been due to equipment failure, but now a Rochester, New York multiplex has made online headlines by putting the blame somewhere else – on the director himself.

After numerous complaints, the Cinemark Tinseltown USA and Imax Cinema reportedly put up a sign saying: “Please note that all of our sound equipment is functioning properly. Christopher Nolan mixed the soundtrack with an emphasis on the music. This is how it is intended to sound.”

A filmgoer tweeted a photo of the sign which has since gone viral. Unsurprisingly it was quickly taken down as the signs were apparently posted up without the knowledge of Cinemark headquarters.

A Cinemark spokesman says there were no issues with the film itself, and that the location instead experienced technical issues due to a “hard-drive problem” which has since been resolved.

Oddly enough the problems weren’t with the IMAX showings of the film, but rather the traditional digital screenings.

Source: THR