Cianfrance Set For “Muscle” HBO Series

Derek Cianfrance (“Blue Valentine,” “The Place Beyond the Pines”) has confirmed to The Playlist that his next project will be an adaptation of Sam Fussell’s memoir “Muscle” for HBO.

The story follows an Oxford graduate who moves to New York City, and in order to protect himself, spends four years fully consumed in the world of bodybuilding. First linked to it two years ago, Cianfrance confirmed he is co-writing the script with Fussell and is planning it as a TV series rather than a film.

“I tried you know to make a movie out of it but then I soon realized that I could never make a film out of this because first off I would have to resort to special effects, there’s no way I could have a guy go from me to Arnold Schwarzenegger. To do that in nine weeks [on a movie shoot]. But if I could do that over the course of five years in a TV show it could be great” he says.