Chuck Renewed But Trimmed

Great news for fans of NBC’s “Chuck”, the series has been renewed according to Entertainment Weekly.

The spy-themed comedy/drama scored a third-season renewal on Sunday after many anxious weeks (nay months) of an uncertain future for fans.

The show has been a critical favourite and while ratings are mid-range (average episode numbers are around 7.3 million viewers), they have been a lot more stable than many other shows of late.

Unfortunately the return of “Chuck” comes at a price. With most of the haggling over the show’s renewal more to do with economic than viewership issues, the third season will not only have a tighter budget but be trimmed down to a shorter 13-episode run.

The most obvious cut will be the supporting cast members being limited in the number of episodes they appear in, one potentially cut altogether, and two of the writing staff being let go.

Though it sounds unfair, “Chuck” isn’t the only one in this boat – almost all major primetime series are having their budgets slashed next season.