Chuck Coming Back Early?

With NBC’s new shows tanking and a lot of bad buzz hitting the past few days over the decision to axe “Southland”, it’s nice to finally report on some good news for one of the Peacock’s shows.

EW reports that the third season of the well-reviewed cult hit “Chuck” may be premiering sooner than the post-Olympics March slot it was slated for. How much sooner? Try the next few weeks (late October/early November).

Though the show was never a ratings powerhouse, it has been at least a solid performer for the network, has a very strong and devout fanbase, excellent reviews, and is generally considered to have only improved in quality over its first two seasons.

Insiders apparently say the first few episodes of the 13-episode third season are the best yet, and in fact a late Fall bow means that the chances of NBC ordering additional episodes increases dramatically.

The catch is if the move does go ahead, where will the series be slotted. Some fear it will take the old “Southland” slot of Fridays 9pm which would effectively kill any chance of increasing the audience.

Its old Monday night 8pm slot is also not very strong as demonstrated by the ever dwindling ratings of “Heroes” which took it over. Here’s hoping NBC does the right thing and bring it back in a good timeslot.