Chu Scales Back On “G.I. Joe 3” Tatum Rumors

The other week, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” director Jon M. Chu said that the nature of this film franchise’s universe means that “you never know who’s coming back,” pointing to the way that Storm Shadow seemingly died in the first one and came back in the second one.

This quickly led to speculation that Channing Tatum could return as Duke for the inevitable “G.I. Joe 3” which Chu is currently developing. Now, out on the press tour for “Justin Bieber’s Believe,” Chu now says that the original quote was taken out of context. Speaking with Coming Soon, he tries to better explain what he meant:

“It all gets carried away again. They asked me about Channing and I don’t know. You never know in these movies, and that’s all I said, and suddenly it became ‘Channing Tatum might be back.’ To me, every possibility is open and we’re writing the script right now and we’re figuring everything out.

It’s an extremely low possibility when you kill somebody like that, it’s pretty much it, but you never know with G.I. Joe. We did that with Storm Shadow, too.

I love being active in world-building, so we’re working on G.I. Joe 3 right now. We’re designing tons of stuff, which takes a little bit, but to me, that’s obviously where I like to push myself and where I want to be for a long time and get to know better.

I’m excited to bring in new characters and fun things beyond Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis that we’re working on and some great villains, but we’re forming those ideas now. I’m really excited – it’s going to be a whole ‘nother level… I think we’re going to be shooting next year. We’re pretty motivated to get that up.”