Christopher Lambert Joins “Kickboxer” Sequel

Christopher Lambert has joined the cast of “Kickboxer: Retaliation,” the upcoming sequel to the franchise reboot “Kickboxer: Vengeance” which premieres September 2nd.

‘Vengeance’ stars Alain Moussi as Kurt Sloan, a man drawn into the Thailand underground fighting circuit following the death of his brother and the hands of a brutal champion (Dave Bautista). Jean-Claude Van Damme, who starred as Sloan in the original 1989 “Kickboxer” film, returns as Sloan’s trainer.

Events of ‘Retaliation’ kick off right where ‘Vengeance’ ends. Lambert will portray Thomas Moore, a wealthy ex-pat and a former consummate martial artist and currently the Godfather of underground fighting in Thailand. A master-manipulator, he is able to imprison Kurt Sloan in order to make him fight to the death against the hormone-enhanced monster Mongkut (Hafpor Julius Bjornsson).

Dimitri Logothetis, who owns the rights to the franchise, wrote and produced the first film and serves as writer and director on ‘Retaliation’. Filming is currently underway in Thailand with additional filming taking place in California and Nevada.

Source: Coming Soon