Christian Bale Talks Third Batman

With the upcoming release of the “Batman Begins” sequel “The Dark Knight”, actor Christian Bale got speaking to Entertainment Weekly this week about the chances of his returning for a third turn under the cape and cowl.

When ‘Begins’ was being scripted it was revealed that a story treatment for two further films was penned by director Chris Nolan and writer David Goyer. Bale’s deal for Batman covered three films and so many expect a third entry in the franchise which, if all goes well, should hit cinemas in Summer 2011.

But will Bale do it? He’s not committing to anything but does seem keen – “let’s wait and see…I would, knowing the Dark Knight story, I would like very much to complete a trilogy. And I think that knowing the story of The Dark Knight, it leaves you anticipating something that really can get very, very interesting for a third. Now, the question would be: Is Chris [Nolan] going to be doing it? Because to me I find it tricky to imagine working on it without it being a collaboration with Chris.”

Previous reports had the Joker being the dominant villain of the second film with Two-Face the main baddie of the third, although from early reports on ‘Knight’ it seems some of the story elements from the third film’s treatment have already made their way into ‘Knight’.

Will Bale and Nolan return? Will Two-Face still be the third film’s main villain and what other villains could they do – The Penguin as a charming British arms dealer flooding the streets with guns, Poison Ivy as a murderous eco-activist killing the CEOs of heavily polluting conglomerates, Killer Croc as a Louisiana-born wrestler with Singing Detective-style bad eczema, or The Mad Hatter as a schizophrenic “Saw”-esque torturing serial killer who plays mind games.