Christian Alvart Adapting “Captain Future”

German director Christian Alvart (“Case 39,” “Pandorum”) will adapt Edmond Hamilton’s 1940’s pulp sci-fi magazine serial and later 1970’s anime series “Captain Future” into a feature film reports Quiet Earth.

Alvart says he’s developing the film as a “big fun space opera for the whole family”. The character of Captain Future, aka. Curtis Newton, is a brilliant scientist/adventurer who roams our solar system to help people and take down various villains.

The storyline will essentially be an origin story, following Newton’s first adventure. Though Alvart doesn’t specify, it will probably deal with the murder of Newton’s parents at the hands of criminal scientist Victor Kaslan and his subsequent upbringing under the tutelage of scientist Simon Wright, an intelligent robot and a shapeshifting android.

Alvart says a sequel storyline is being developed concurrently so should the film be a success, they can get started on a follow-up right away. He himself has been pursuing the project for several years and now with the necessary development financing having come together, things are ready to move forward with the script.

In terms of scale he compares it to “The Fifth Element” – “a big budget science-fiction movie developed and produced out of Europe with an international cast”. The project marks one of several sci-fi pulp hero properties of similar ilk in development at the moment including “Doc Savage” and “Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future”.