Chris Weitz Talks “New Moon” Status

Director Chris Weitz gave an interview earlier this week with HitFix regarding the current progress of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and revealed all sorts of new information:

– A director’s cut will be submitted to distributor Summit Entertainment within the next two weeks.

– Alexandre Desplat is currently working on the movie’s score. Though it will have a different style to “Twilight”, it will include hints of Carter Burwell’s original theme.

– Thom Yorke and Kings of Leon are interested in contributing to the film’s soundtrack.

– A couple of new scenes from the film will be shown during the “New Moon” Comic-Con panel on Thursday, July 23rd.

– His vision of the Volturi is very much like the book and unlike a number of fan inspirations that have hit the web. He also sees them as having gone slightly insane after living for 2,000 years.

– He’s met with “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” director David Slade and expects the filmmaker’s vision to be different than what he’s doing with “New Moon,” but with the same actors and visual effects team.

The full interview can be found up at HitFix.